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Air conditioner repair throughout Chicago & the South Suburbs

South Suburban Heating & Air Conditioning has been servicing and repairing central air conditioners for a very long time. In fact, we go back to the day when the central air units were primarily commercial. Then, as now, our mission was focused on the total comfort of our customers with professional air conditioner repair. Because we have grown up with air conditioning, we have hands on knowledge of virtually every system that has been made.

Central Air Conditioners are No Longer a Luxury for Chicago’s Suburbs
When we first started our business in Dolton, Illinois, residences and businesses were built differently, energy and system efficiency were not major concerns and even air quality was not the same issue it is today.

As homes became more “tight” and insulated, on hot, humid Chicago nights, the need for central air conditioners grew bigger. When a central air unit needs service or repairs, its efficiency drops, energy consumption increases and homes or businesses can become uncomfortable very quickly. An HVAC system that needs repairs also fails to help clean the air of allergens. This can become a major problem where people have severe allergies.

Regular servicing of any make or model of air conditioner can save money by improving efficiency and lowering energy costs. Whether you live in Thornton or Hammond, you know that Chicagoland energy costs have skyrocketed. Scheduled servicing of a cooling system can make a huge difference. In addition, periodic appointments to check your central air conditioner can catch small repairs before they become big worries.

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