Whole House Humidifiers

An Essential for Chicagoland Homes

Furnace humidifiers are essential for residences and businesses especially where gas furnaces are in use. Whether you live in Lansing, Illinois or Munster, Indiana, you already know how dry your residence can become during our long winter days and nights.

As the humidity begins to fall and the air dries, the condition can lead to all sorts of problems such as an increase in allergies, colds and flus, dry and itchy skin, static electricity and bad hair days! Very dry air starts to crack wooden floors, furniture, pianos, musical instruments and low moisture starts to shrink window frames and door jams. In fact, a very dry house becomes energy inefficient as tiny air leaks are created due to shrinkage, but more than that, a home with higher humidity retains its heat better than one that is very dry. What is the best way to add moisture to the air? We recommend Whole House Humidification.

Furnace Humidifiers Work the Best
South Suburban Heating & Air Conditioning has installed Aprilaire whole house humidification throughout Lansing, Illinois and all of Chicagoland as well as N.W. Indiana. This system is not at all like those cheap plastic room humidifiers (that can actually be a health problem if not properly cleaned), but works throughout the home or office to add humidity at a constant level.

The Aprilaire 700 or Aprilaire 600 or any of the humidifiers in the Aprilaire line of products are well known for their reliability and quality. Best of all, when a whole house humidifier is added to your system, the air becomes easier to breathe – and that leads to better sleep. The addition of a furnace humidifier lessens allergies and respiratory distress and even the wood within the household remains in better shape.

The best time to set up a whole house humidifier is when a high efficiency furnace is installed however; most any furnace can be retro-fitted with a humidification unit that is perfect for your needs.

South Suburban Heating & Air Conditioning: Experts in Whole House Humidification
e will be pleased to explain the benefits of whole house humidification. Humidification is especially valued in those households where there are newborns, young children, the elderly or anyone who struggles with respiratory illnesses. At South Suburban, we care about your total comfort. Whole house humidification may mean the difference between a “just bearable” winter and a totally comfortable winter.

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